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An Oil Dispensing Can, also known as an oil can or oiler, is a handheld container specifically designed for dispensing small amounts of lubricating oil or other fluids. It is commonly used in automotive maintenance, machinery lubrication, and other applications where precise and controlled oiling is required.

The main components of an oil dispensing can typically include a container or reservoir, a spout or nozzle, a pump mechanism, and a handle or grip for easy handling and operation.

1. Container or Reservoir: The container or reservoir of an oil dispensing can is typically made of metal, such as steel or aluminum, or durable plastic. It is designed to hold the oil or lubricant securely and prevent leakage. The container may have a transparent strip or a small window to indicate the oil level and allow for easy monitoring or refilling.

2. Spout or Nozzle: The spout or nozzle of an oil dispensing can is specifically designed for precise and controlled oil dispensing. It is usually narrow and tapered to allow access to tight spaces or small openings. The nozzle may have a threaded or flexible extension to facilitate reaching difficult-to-reach areas.

3. Pump Mechanism: The pump mechanism is responsible for pressurizing the oil in the container and allowing for controlled dispensing. It may consist of a plunger or piston that is manually operated by pumping or squeezing. As the pump mechanism is activated, it creates pressure in the container, forcing the oil to move towards the spout for controlled dispensing.

4. Handle or Grip: An oil dispensing can typically has a handle or grip that provides a comfortable and secure hold for the user during operation. The handle may be ergonomically shaped or have a textured surface to prevent slipping and enhance grip.

Using an oil dispensing can is a straightforward process. The user fills the container with the desired oil or lubricant, ensuring it does not exceed the maximum capacity. The pump mechanism is then operated, either by pumping or squeezing, to build pressure within the container. The spout or nozzle is positioned over the target area, and the pump mechanism is released to allow the oil to flow in a controlled manner. The user can regulate the amount of oil dispensed by adjusting the pressure applied to the pump mechanism.

Oil dispensing cans are commonly used for lubricating hard-to-reach components, such as hinges, joints, and machinery parts. They allow for precise application of oil, reducing wastage and preventing over-oiling. The controlled dispensing also helps prevent spills and minimizes the risk of contamination.

Penta's Oil Dispensing Can is a lubrication equipment built with blow moulded body with Nylon components for dispensing of Oil. It comes in 350 ml and 750 ml capacities. It is widely used in Automobile, Engineering and other Industries.

Overall, an oil dispensing can is a practical and essential tool for accurate and controlled oil or lubricant application. With its container, spout or nozzle, pump mechanism, and handle, it enables users to efficiently dispense oil in a targeted manner, enhancing maintenance and lubrication tasks.

Oil Dispensing Can Oil Dispensing Can Oil Dispensing Can Oil Dispensing Can Oil Dispensing Can
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