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A Hand-Operated Oil Dispenser is a device designed to dispense oil manually without the need for electricity or other power sources. It is commonly used in various applications, such as automotive maintenance, machinery lubrication, and small-scale oil transfer operations.

Hand-operated oil dispensers typically consist of a container or reservoir for holding the oil, a pumping mechanism, and a dispensing nozzle. The container is usually made of durable materials like plastic or metal and has a capacity ranging from a few liters to several gallons.

Hand-operated oil dispensers are often used in situations where power outlets are not available or when a portable and compact solution is needed. They are suitable for small-scale oil transfer tasks, such as filling oil reservoirs, lubricating machinery, or topping up fluids in automotive engines. However, for larger-scale operations or continuous oil dispensing, electric or pneumatic-powered dispensers are more commonly used.

When using a hand-operated oil dispenser, it is important to follow proper handling and safety guidelines. This includes using the dispenser only for compatible oils, ensuring a clean and contamination-free environment, and storing the dispenser properly when not in use.

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5 75 2 MTRS RUBBER HYDRAULIC CRIMPED 275x260x560 9.45
20 335x335x710 12.8

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