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A hydraulic bottle jack is a mechanical device designed to lift heavy loads using hydraulic pressure. It is commonly used in automotive and industrial applications for tasks such as lifting vehicles or supporting heavy machinery.

The main components of a hydraulic bottle jack include a hydraulic cylinder, a ram or plunger, a pump mechanism, and a base. The cylinder is a steel tube that houses the hydraulic fluid and provides the lifting force. The ram or plunger is a piston-like component that is pushed up by the hydraulic pressure to lift the load.

The pump mechanism is responsible for generating hydraulic pressure. It typically consists of a handle or lever that is manually operated. When the handle is pumped, it activates a piston within the pump mechanism, which pressurizes the hydraulic fluid and forces it into the cylinder. This increased pressure causes the ram to extend and lift the load.

The base of the hydraulic bottle jack provides stability and support. It is usually made of a sturdy material like cast iron or steel and is designed to distribute the load evenly across its surface. The base may also have a textured or ribbed surface to prevent slipping or sliding during operation.

To use a hydraulic bottle jack, the user places the jack's base on a stable and level surface underneath the object to be lifted. The ram is then positioned against the lifting point on the object. By operating the pump mechanism, the hydraulic fluid is pressurized, and the ram extends, gradually lifting the load.

One of the advantages of a hydraulic bottle jack is its compact and portable design. It is typically small in size, allowing for easy storage and transportation. However, despite its compactness, it can provide a significant lifting capacity, ranging from a few tons to several tons, depending on the specific model.

Safety features are an important aspect of hydraulic bottle jacks. They often include a pressure relief valve that prevents the jack from being overloaded and a bypass valve that allows for controlled lowering of the load. Additionally, some jacks have a built-in safety lock or support stand that can be engaged once the desired height is reached, ensuring that the load remains securely lifted.

Penta's Hydraulic Bottle Jacks are used for lifting of vehicles. It is a vertical hydraulic pump and hence has to be placed on the exact area of lifting. It cannot be moved and should be replaced with Axle Stands after lifting. This workshop tool can be widely used on passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and Trucks. The capacities available are from 2.0 Ton to 100 Ton.

In conclusion, a hydraulic bottle jack is a powerful and versatile lifting device that operates on the principle of hydraulic pressure. With its compact size, high lifting capacity, and safety features, it is an essential tool for many applications where heavy loads need to be raised or supported

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PJ 0204 2 148 292 144 54 2.2
PJ 0304 3 168 320 152 60 2.4
PJ 0504 5 195 385 190 70 3.3
PJ 0804 8 199 387 188 70 4.9
PJ 1504 15 225 437 212 73 7.4
PJ 2004 20 235 453 218 73 10.0
PJ 3004 30 257 425 168 NA 12.7
PJ 5004 50 283 478 195 NA 20.5
PJ 10004 100 330 520 190 NA 68.0
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