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A hydraulic floor crane, also known as a shop crane or engine hoist, is a powerful lifting device designed to handle heavy loads in a wide range of industrial applications. It offers a flexible and portable solution for lifting, positioning, and transporting heavy objects within a workshop, garage, warehouse, or construction site.

A hydraulic floor crane consists of several key components that work together to provide the lifting capability:

1. Base Frame: The base frame forms the foundation of the crane and provides stability during lifting operations. It is usually constructed from heavy-duty steel and designed to distribute the load evenly to prevent tipping. The base frame may incorporate wheels or casters to enable easy maneuverability and transportation of the crane.

2. Boom: The boom is the main lifting arm of the crane and is attached to the base frame at a pivot point. It extends vertically from the base frame and can be adjusted in length to accommodate different lifting heights and reaches. The boom is typically made of robust steel to withstand heavy loads and ensure structural integrity during lifting operations.

3. Hydraulic Cylinder: The hydraulic cylinder is a vital component responsible for generating the lifting force of the crane. It consists of a cylinder and a piston rod enclosed within it. When hydraulic fluid under pressure is supplied to one side of the cylinder, it pushes the piston rod out, extending the length of the cylinder and raising the boom. Conversely, supplying fluid to the other side of the cylinder retracts the piston rod, lowering the boom. The hydraulic cylinder provides the precise control needed for lifting and lowering heavy loads.

4. Pump and Control System: The hydraulic floor crane is equipped with a hydraulic pump that supplies pressurized hydraulic fluid to the cylinder. The pump may be manually operated, electrically powered, or operated by a hand pump, depending on the specific design of the crane. The control system includes valves and levers that regulate the flow of hydraulic fluid, allowing the operator to control the lifting and lowering movements of the boom with precision. This control system ensures smooth and safe operations during the lifting process.

5. Lifting Attachment: At the end of the boom, a lifting attachment is provided to secure and lift the load. The lifting attachment can be a hook, a sling, a chain, or other specialized devices, depending on the specific application and load requirements. The attachment is designed to securely hold the load during lifting operations, ensuring safety and stability.

Hydraulic floor cranes offer numerous benefits for lifting heavy objects. They provide a portable and flexible solution, allowing the crane to be easily moved and positioned as needed. The hydraulic system offers precise control over the lifting process, enabling the operator to raise, lower, and hold loads at desired heights with accuracy and safety. The adjustable boom length and pivot capability enhance the crane's versatility, allowing it to reach and position loads in various locations.

These cranes are commonly used in automotive repair shops to lift and remove engines from vehicles, in warehouses for loading and unloading heavy materials or pallets, and in construction sites for positioning equipment and materials. They provide a safer and more efficient alternative to manual lifting, reducing the risk of injuries and improving productivity.

Safety is paramount when using a hydraulic floor crane. Operators should be trained in the proper operation of the crane and follow all safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer. This includes ensuring the load is within the crane's rated capacity, properly securing the load to the lifting attachment, and maintaining a stable and level base during lifting operations.

In summary, a hydraulic floor crane is a robust lifting device featuring a base frame, an adjustable boom, a hydraulic cylinder, a pump and control system, and a lifting attachment. It offers a portable and flexible solution for handling heavy loads, making it an indispensable tool in various industrial environments.

Penta's Hydraulic Floor Crane is an Automobile Special Service Tool used to lift the Engine from the Vehicle and move it to the Service area. It is an adjustable Hydraulic system and can handle load up to 1300 kgs. It can be folded and kept in a small area in the Service centre. It comes in 1.25 Ton and 2.0 Ton capacities.

Hydraulic Floor Crane Hydraulic Floor Crane Hydraulic Floor Crane Hydraulic Floor Crane Hydraulic Floor Crane Hydraulic Floor Crane Hydraulic Floor Crane
1.25 640 2100 125 275 650x940x1400 85
2.0 600 2370 130 280 765x815x1655 105
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