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A hydraulic two-wheeler lift, also known as a motorcycle lift or motorcycle jack, is a specialized piece of equipment designed to lift and support motorcycles, scooters, or other two-wheeled vehicles for maintenance, repairs, or storage purposes. It provides a stable and secure platform for working on the underside of the vehicle or accessing its components.

The hydraulic two-wheeler lift consists of several key components, including a sturdy frame, a hydraulic pump system, a lifting platform, and various safety features. The frame is typically made of heavy-duty steel or other durable materials to ensure stability and durability.

The hydraulic pump system is responsible for generating the hydraulic pressure required to lift the vehicle. It usually includes a hydraulic cylinder, a pump lever or handle, and hydraulic fluid reservoir. When the pump lever is actuated, it activates the hydraulic cylinder, which pressurizes the fluid and raises the lifting platform.

The lifting platform is the main surface on which the two-wheeler rests when being lifted. It is typically constructed with a textured or ribbed surface to prevent the vehicle from slipping. The platform may also have adjustable arms or supports to accommodate different types of motorcycles and provide additional stability.

Safety features are crucial in a hydraulic two-wheeler lift to ensure the vehicle remains securely lifted during operation. These features often include locking mechanisms or safety pins that engage once the desired height is reached, preventing accidental lowering or collapse. Some lifts also have integrated straps or clamps to secure the vehicle in place.

Using a hydraulic two-wheeler lift involves positioning the lift on a flat and stable surface, aligning the lifting platform with the motorcycle's center of gravity, and ensuring the vehicle is properly secured before lifting. Once everything is set up, the user operates the pump lever or handle to raise the platform, gradually lifting the motorcycle off the ground.

Hydraulic two-wheeler lifts come in various designs and weight capacities to accommodate different types of motorcycles and user preferences. Some lifts are designed for specific purposes, such as front-wheel or rear-wheel lifts, while others offer adjustable features to cater to different sizes and weights of vehicles.

Penta's Two Wheeler Lifts are a kind two wheeler garage equipment used for Servicing of 2 wheelers(Bikes & Scooters) on the table with a minimum height of 750 mm from the floor. The vehicle is loaded on the platform and the platform is lifted through a Hydraulic system. It provides convenience to service a vehicle with minimum space. Models available are manual Hydraulic and motorised Hydraulic with a capacity from 125 kgs to 300 kgs load.

Overall, a hydraulic two-wheeler lift provides a convenient and efficient solution for motorcycle maintenance and storage. It allows for easy access to the underside of the vehicle, simplifies tasks like changing tires or performing oil changes, and promotes safety by providing a stable and elevated working platform.

Hydraulic Two Wheeler Lift Hydraulic Two Wheeler Lift Hydraulic Two Wheeler Lift Hydraulic Two Wheeler Lift Hydraulic Two Wheeler Lift Hydraulic Two Wheeler Lift Hydraulic Two Wheeler Lift Hydraulic Two Wheeler Lift
125 M - - 1870X550X220 210 750 100 75
175 M - - 1870x550x190 210 750 150 105
175 M0 230 50 1870x550x215 200 750 150 110
300 M0 230 50 2200x550x215 230 750 200 125
  • Hydraulic Two Wheeler Lift

    Hydraulic Two Wheeler Lift

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