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A Rotary Engine Stand, also known as a rotisserie or engine cradle, is a specialized tool designed to securely hold and rotate a rotary engine during maintenance, assembly, or rebuilding processes. It provides a stable and adjustable platform that allows easy access to different areas of the engine, facilitating efficient and convenient work. The main components of a rotary engine stand typically include:

1. Base: The base is a sturdy and stable structure that forms the foundation of the stand. It is usually made of heavy-duty steel or aluminum to ensure strength and durability.

2. Mounting Bracket: The mounting bracket is the primary component that holds the rotary engine. It securely attaches to the engine's mounting points, usually at the front and rear of the engine, ensuring a stable connection.

3. Rotating Mechanism: The rotating mechanism allows the engine to be rotated smoothly and easily. It consists of a central pivot point and a series of bearings that enable the engine to spin freely. The mechanism can be manual or powered, depending on the design of the stand.

4. Adjustable Arms: The stand typically features adjustable arms that extend from the base and connect to the mounting bracket. These arms allow the user to position and secure the engine at various angles, making it easier to access different parts of the engine during maintenance or assembly.

5. Locking Mechanism: A locking mechanism is incorporated into the stand to fix the engine in a specific position once it has been rotated to the desired angle. This ensures stability and safety during work on the engine.

6. Mobility: Some rotary engine stands come with wheels or casters attached to the base, allowing for easy mobility and transportation within a workshop or garage. This feature is especially useful when moving the engine from one workstation to another.

Rotary engine stands come in various sizes and weight capacities to accommodate different types of rotary engines, from small single-rotor engines to larger multi-rotor configurations. They are designed to provide a safe and efficient working environment for engine maintenance and rebuilding, allowing mechanics and enthusiasts to access all sides of the engine easily.

Penta'sRotary Engine stand is used for Servicing of Engines after removing from the vehicle. This workshop tool has a rotary gear system with a ratio of 5:1 and the Engine can be fixed and rotated to the convenient position for servicing or replacement of parts. The Rotary Engine Stand comes with castor wheels for easy movement within the shopfloor.

Overall, a rotary engine stand is an essential tool for anyone working on rotary engines, offering stability, adjustability, and rotational capability to simplify the process of engine maintenance and assembly.

  • Rotary Engine Stand

    Rotary Engine Stand

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